Shipping and delivery
We have available a home delivery service. Deliveries are executed from Monday untill Saturday (except holidays)

For better convinience, AGRIKOLAGE has available an assembly service for its products. Installers have the experience and knowledge needed for the assembly of any product.

Technical advice
If you are undecided of your purchase, AGRIKOLAGE has costumer service line available where you may get clarifications and the advice from our technical team regarding the products that best meet your requirements. If you are out of Portugal you shoud call +351 234 247 196.

License Management
Depending on the type of equipment, land constraints or even local legal Status, licensing may have different approaches. So AGRIKOLAGE provides the service of “License Management”.

This service is a valuable resource to the costumer because it allows licencing a product in an easy and integrated way without the necessity of different services such as hiring a Civil Engineer or Architect.