About Us


AGRIKOLAGE was founded in october 2015. We present ourselves as an innovative project, offering integrated product solutions for agriculture with equipment and ancillary infrastructure.

AGRIKOLAGE has a strong modular component, joining Agriculture with the concept “Do It Yourself”. In a simple an direct way we join Agriculture with Diy. With a strong focus on brand identity, reflecting the company’s concept, positioning and personality, we are AGRIKOLAGE.

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Initially orientated to entry into the Portuguese market and at the same time in Central Europe (Poland) and Eastern Europe (Romania).


«Do It Yourself» Drastic reduction in the price of the product and hand labour in assembly. Quality / competitive price with focused range (low cost solutions). Geographical proximity. Technical assistance. Supported innovation in R & D


Reference in the area of equipment, structures and solutions for agriculture. Offer a range of solutions ‘low cost’ due to the reduction of hand labor in the assembly. Maximum guarantee of ease choice in purchasing and assembly. Client support. Fast delivery. Quality guaranteed “ Commitment